One Little Spark…

Figment with a brush
I’m a kid at heart that never wants to grow up so of course I felt right at home during my recent trip to Walt Disney World. I STILL have Disney songs scrolling through my head and feel the impulsive need to check wait times to plan out which attraction to visit next. That being said, I am already Disney dreaming about my next visit – whenever that may be! It had been far too long since I had been to Walt Disney World and SO MUCH HAD CHANGED! From FastPass+ allowing me to skip to the front of the line to mobile ordering to the latest rides there was so much to take in! I still appreciated the classics as well – including my favorite purple dragon – FIGMENT! So, if you’ve been to Disney (whether recently or a long time ago) – what was the standout from your trip? For me, the Magic Kingdom fireworks and projection took the cake (see above photo). Happily Ever After is absolutely STUNNING! There’s nothing quite like seeing it in person, but if that’s just not possible, look it up on YouTube – you won’t be disappointed. The projection on the castle is mind-blowing.

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